Yoga is a spiritual discipline that focuses on harmony between the mind and body. It is the art and science of healthy living.
Spiritual and Yoga Trekking travels leads to a very effective results in reducing the level of stress, and promotes mental health and increases creativity, In addition to the lusty impact on psychological health.

We are going to make you travel to discover the heart of Sahara Desert, through well-studied hikes, allows you to cross the Mountains, and Oasis to reach the largest sund Dunes in the south-east of Morocco Erg Chigaga.

To give you an idea of what a Spiritual & Yoga Trekking in the desert can be like, here are some of the highlights of this journey:

The Depart :

Our trekking will start from Zagora, towards Bani mountain “Jbel Bani” : Tjinia, Fm ElAAchar, El Gatara which exists at a distance of 10 km, 20 km, 35 km successively.

You will meet our team consisting of Nomads, a Camels (depends on the number of person) and a cook. Who are waiting for us in one of the three lanes.

We walk about 60 km to 300 km, 6 to 10 hours daily , depends on the possibilities of each group. In fact,is that the longer the trip, the more time you have to immerse yourself in totally different environments.

Various landscapes during the trekk :

Here, the reg or stone desert.

Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking

Thereafter, wells created by nomads and Oases that seem to emerge from nothing.

Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking

Then of course, sand dunes out of sight,that form the Erg.

Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking

The Meals :

breakfast : jam, olive oil, cheese, honey on hot patties …, tea, coffee or orange juice, all in the middle of nowhere, in the calm of the desert.

Then, on the way! The departure time varies according to the groups and the desires, we take off for our part around 8:30 to 9:00.

Orange break in the first hours of walking…

Lunch : after the ritual mint tea with its dates, almonds and other dried fruits, a salad awaits you. Corn, tomatoes, eggs, potatoes or carrots, all with curcumin and paprika, plus a delicieus Tajine… “All product is 100% natural of the region”.

We will arrive at the camp at the end of the afternoon, while the camel drivers (nomads) prepare the tents and resting with a cup of tea. Then comes dinner and the traditional soup called “Harira” (cereals, vegetables, spices), followed by a traditional Tagine, Couscous …

Finally, each meal is accompanied by bread, pancakes or whole loaves. our cooker prepares it near us.

The famous Nomads bread cooked in sand or stones.

The Camps :

One of the experiences is to build camps every evening as a family, a large traditional tent for you or a small tent for every two person, as well as a small traditional tent for the team.

By night we give mattresses and blankets to sleep, in your tent or under the clear sky full of the beautiful stars…

Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking
What to remember :
  • Make sure to bring warm clothes, light clothing and good walking shoes.
  • sunglasses , a flashlight , Sunscreen.
+ – sleeping bags
Spiritual & Yoga Trekking